Did Wonderland Murders get Cancelled on Investigation Discovery or was it renewed for Season 2? When does Wonderland Murders Season 2 start? You can find the latest Wonderland Murders Season 2 cancellation and renewal status, and also “Wonderland Murders Season 2” release date news on this page.

When does Wonderland Murders season 2 start on Investigation Discovery? Will there be a second season for Wonderland Murders tv series? Find out below!:

Was Wonderland Murders Season 2 Canceled or Renewed? Renewal Status

Wonderland Murders Season 2 is yet to be renewed by Investigation Discovery:
Wonderland Murders Season 2 Release Date — COMING SOON
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About Wonderland Murders

Show Title:

For nearly a century it's been called "Wonderland" for its grandeur and beauty. But don't be deceived. It's also "a serial killer's playground" and as the fog rolls in, the bodies pile up. Its dark dense forests and hundreds of miles of rugged coastline serve as a haven for those who want to disappear...only to emerge to strike again. The Pacific Northwest is unlike anywhere else in the country, its breathtaking scenery matched by its mystery, its bursts of beautiful sunshine drowned out by months of grayness...a heaviness that slowly begins to weigh on the psyche and has created some of this country's most notorious serial killers...from Ted Bundy to The Green River Killer. Now, a new one hour series will delve into the region's most fascinating cases. Initially focusing on The Portland Police Bureau and six of its most famous and challenging murder investigations, "The Wonderland Murders" will profile several of the Bureau's dedicated homicide detectives as recurring characters as well as Oregon's dedicated and brilliant Senior Forensic Anthropologist, a woman dubbed "The Bone Lady." As a team, these investigators will explore stories of mystery, obsession, and cold blooded evil. With Portland a character itself in this series, recreations as well as exclusive crime scene video and riveting first person interviews will take the audience into a haunting yet beautiful world where a heavy mist often shrouds the raw rage and hidden horrors of what goes on in a place called "Wonderland."

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