Did Wrecked get Cancelled on TBS or was it renewed for Season 3? When does Wrecked Season 3 start? You can find the latest Wrecked Season 3 cancellation and renewal status, and also “Wrecked Season 3” release date news on this page.

When does Wrecked season 3 start on TBS? Will there be a third season for Wrecked tv series? Find out below!:

Was Wrecked Season 3 Canceled or Renewed? Renewal Status

Wrecked Season 3 is renewed by TBS:
Wrecked Season 3 Premiere Date — August 7, 2018
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About Wrecked

Show Title:

Wrecked Season 2 released June 20, 2017 on TBS.

Wrecked is a single-camera comedy that centers on a diverse group of survivors adjusting to being stranded on an uninhabited island, a dangerous new world where they must face many threats – mostly brought on by themselves. No longer plugged into the rest of the world, the group struggles to navigate their makeshift society while also learning to live without such modern comforts as indoor plumbing, Wi-Fi, social media and Chipotle.

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