Search Party Cancelled or was it Renewed for Season 4? When does it start on HBO Max? Find the latest Search Party Season 4 cancellation and renewal status news on this page.

Is Search Party coming back for Season 4? 🤔 Find out below!:

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About Search Party

Search Party is a single-camera dark comedy about four self-absorbed twenty-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.

The disappearance of former college acquaintance Chantal leads several 20-somethings to get entangled in the mystery of how she went missing. Leading the search party is Dory, a lifelong doormat who works as a rich housewife’s assistant. Dory makes it her personal mission to find Chantal — and she’s bringing her friends into the investigation with her. Self-diagnosed narcissist Elliott, who puts his ego aside long enough to agree to help Dory, is particularly good at detective work. Bubbly actress Portia excels at chatting up suspects for information because of her desperate need to be in the spotlight. Sheltered-but-sweet doofus Drew has to grow a spine to help solve the mystery and save his deteriorating relationship with Dory. Dory’s ex-boyfriend Julian seeks the truth, regardless of who it hurts, because of his background as a journalist.

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Last episode of Search Party on HBO Max aired on June 25, 2020.

Search Party Season 4 Cancelled or Renewed?

Search Party Season 4 is yet to be renewed by HBO Max (TBC):
Search Party Season 4 Premiere Date — ✔️ January 14, 2021
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