Mortel Season 2

Was Mortel cancelled or renewed? When does 'Mortel' Season 2 come back on Netflix? Find the latest Mortel Season 2 cancellation and renewal status news, cast updates and trailer on this page.

Will there be a season 2 of "Mortel" and when does it return in 2021? Find all your answers below!

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About Mortel

A group of French teenagers are bound together by a supernatural force.

Two teenagers, Sofiane and Victor, make a pact with a voodoo god Obé to allow them solve and avenge the apparent murder of Sofiane’s brother, Reda. Sofiane is given the power by Obé to manipulate other people’s actions, while Victor can read their minds. Both however must be present near each other for their powers to work. They also enlist the help of Luisa, who practices voodoo with her grandmother, so they may be free of the grip that Obé has on them and banish Obé from the world.

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When Does Mortel Season 2 Start?

Mortel Season 2 premiere date is set by Netflix:
Mortel Season 2 2021 Return Date: ✔️ July 2, 2021
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