Did Brooklyn Nine-Nine get Cancelled on NBC or was it renewed for Season 6? When does Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 start? You can find the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 cancellation and renewal status, and also “Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6” release date news on this page.

When does Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 start on NBC? Will there be a sixth season for Brooklyn Nine-Nine tv series? Find out below!:

Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Canceled or Renewed? Renewal Status

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 is renewed by NBC:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Premiere Date — January 10, 2019
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About Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Show Title:

FOX cancelled the series after five seasons, however it was swiftly revived by NBC for Season 6, to release Jan. 10, 2019. NBC's initial 13 episode revival was later expanded to 18 episodes.

Holt’s next-in-command is Sergeant TERRY JEFFORDS (Terry Crews), a muscle-bound human mountain who loves nothing more than his three little daughters, except for a fresh carton of full-fat yogurt. The man loves yogurt. Jake’s fellow detectives include his girlfriend, AMY SANTIAGO (Melissa Fumero); his best friend and human puppy-dog, Detective CHARLES BOYLE (Joe Lo Truglio); and the incredibly secretive, tough-as-nails Detective ROSA DIAZ (Stephanie Beatriz). Holt’s civilian assistant is GINA LINETTI (Chelsea Peretti), the living embodiment of the “100” emoji. Rounding out the precinct’s staff are veteran officers Detective SCULLY (Joel McKinnon Miller) and Detective HITCHCOCK (Dirk Blocker), whose only skill as police officers is their ability to make a passable pot of coffee.

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