Did Good Eats: Reloaded get Cancelled on Cooking Channel or was it renewed for Season 2? When does Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2 start? You can find the latest Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2 cancellation and renewal status, and also “Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2” release date news on this page.

When does Good Eats: Reloaded season 2 start on Cooking Channel? Will there be a second season for Good Eats: Reloaded tv series? Find out below!:

Was Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2 Canceled or Renewed? Renewal Status

Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2 is yet to be renewed by Cooking Channel:
Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2 Release Date — PENDING
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About Good Eats: Reloaded

Show Title:

Alton Brown is revisiting the Good Eats library and renovating some classic episodes by adding new scenes, new science and new recipes. The result: Good Eats: Reloaded premieres Monday, October 15th at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Cooking Channel. The thirteen-episode series is both a celebration and update of favorite Good Eats moments, complete with Alton's signature humor and smart spin on food. And in true Good Eats fashion, fans can also expect cameras where they ought not be. Good Eats, written, produced and hosted by Alton Brown, premiered in 1999 and ran for thirteen years on Food Network before making the move to Cooking Channel where it airs to this day. Combining food science, pop culture, skit humor, innovative cooking, and the occasional belching puppet, Good Eats has millions of fans and garnered a coveted Peabody Award for broadcast excellence in 2007.

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