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About Candice Renoir

After 10 years abroad, Candice Renoir is back in the south of France and back on the case as a police commandant. Newly divorced with four kids, Candice feels rusty at work-and her skeptical colleagues don’t help. Determined to prove her so-called weaknesses are strengths, she solves complex cases with common sense, acute observations, and a practical nature honed by the life of a busy mom.

The story circles around French police officer Commandant Candice Renoir and her team solving different crime cases in a harbor city of south France. Candice herself is a mother of 4 children and recently divorced. Her daily routine is between solving crimes, taking out fights with her much younger female police superior officer, getting her kids to school – in addition – handling their problems too and keeping her team in line. It’s a very funny and witty series with a lot of french charm and intelligent story writing. Not another dull crime series all over again. It’s like a fresh french breeze on the TV screen. Candice is like a female Columbo version in high heels, handbag pink scarf and a 9mm in her holster. (Source: IMDb)

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Candice Renoir Season 9 Cancelled or Renewed?

Candice Renoir Season 9 is yet to be renewed by Acorn TV:
Candice Renoir S9 Release Date — Pending (TBA)
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